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Richard Lawrence

The guy in the photo (taken at Christmas, so looking slightly smart for once) is Richard Lawrence

Having worked in tech for 15 years, I started evolvingDev as a resource to help those at all levels within tech quickly find what they need to make progress with their project.

My background is one of constant evolution - from teaching myself SEO in 2008 and carving a career in this area, to completing a large number of professional certificates and embarking on a data science degree (combining computer science, maths and statistics) in 2019.

This website looks to cater to those that similarly enjoy learning. I hope this website may one day grow to offer its own learning programmes or certification.

This (2023) is probably not the best time I could have chosen to embark on this journey. However, in a world where generative AI is being relied on more and more heavily for human understanding, I still believe there is a need for a human in the loop to curate truly useful and accurate content.

Even if this website is less widely used than it may have been in the past, providing or validating accurate information to people at all levels of technology will always hold value, which I will look to provide.

If you do find any inaccuracies in the content on this website, give a shout to @evolvingDevcom on Twitter.

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